Ugh, I’ve been meaning to blog for a while. Little projects to write up for future hibby. I’ve been so tired lately I’ve been forgetting, so I’ve tried to get into the habit of writing in my notepad what I’ve been doing at the close of play. It’s been quite productive - that’s where the last few blogs have come from and the RSGB convention writeups came from.

33C3 is nearly upon us and I’ve been horrifically disorganised for it. I felt I didn’t take advantage of last year’s conference enough, so I’m committing to do and see more this time round. My notepad and a pen are going to each talk I go to, and I shall take notes. I shall then write up my notes in a similar fashion to the RSGB convention notes.

Of course, because I’m hideously disorganised for the event, I’ve not worked out what I’m going to. I’ll do that soon(tm).

I’m also running some self organised sessions - I’d quite like to get together with people and talk about BBSes and Run a DVB-S / DATV get together. I’m going to submit an actual talk for SHA next year, so it’d be good to get a bit of practise in to see what people are expecting from me. I should get around to scheduling what I want to do for them, I suppose.

Scottish Consulate will be there with some projects - I’ll be taking the BBS and setting it up again, and tj and I shall be doing some slowTV stuff. There will be No Game either I’ve been told.

It’s probably going to be a different event for me from the last few years for a variety of reasons, I’m really looking forward to it.

My hackbook project is coming along rather nicely. I have stable freeBSD on the system and it works nicely. No inbuilt Wifi, but there’s a post about that. It’s on Hyperboria, and I’ve got a VM set up on my VM server. I can VNC over hyperboria to that VM and have a few cores and a chunk of ram available to do heavy compute if need be - I’m curious to see how well it all comes together.

Hyperboria / IPv6 VNC was been a bit of a pain to get working - nothing would bind to the IPv6 address, but it turns out that the very excellent TigerVNC supports it natively, which is a really nice surprise! Super simple to set up (it’s in Debian’s repos and FreeBSD’s repos)

That’s kind of it. I guess I’ll hit the ground when I arrive and work out what I’ve forgotten.

Talisk are my absolute Jam at the moment and you should listen to them lots: