It’s happened a couple of times, you know. I’ve lost everything on the server, had to move on and set up again. Life as a geek is so hard, eh?

Each time I learn a bit about what I should have been doing, but forget to implement it and repeat the cycle.

So what did I learn this time round?

Backups are priceless

The amount of time I’ve spent setting up apache, mysql, pisg, and the numerous other things that I run has been unreal. My skills may be a bit out of practice, but I don’t intend to be a sysadmin, so I don’t need to keep them in check.

It’s the data, though, that’s the killer. Blogs, themes, year-old chat logs, webpages, projects, ideas and thoughts.

So I’m not making that mistake again… bash, scp and tar are my friends for this job.

I need to get a script thrown together to do that.

As for blogs, I’m making them external, hence the increase in activity here. I like tumblr. It’s pretty, low maintenance, low rent and backed up for me. I don’t need to worry. That much. Maybe I’ll wget it from time to time. Hopefully I won’t lose most of it again.

For those of you who’ve cared to notice, that’s why is down too… I’ll decide what I’m doing with that in due course.

Until then - backup, don’t lose data and be nice to your computer.