So I’ve finally ported anything of worth from my old Tumblr over here…
When I say anything of worth, there were maybe about 10 things worth saving. Most of it was crap. Videos that were funny that I shared or pictures of cats. Importantly, I saved my log of experiences in America - it gives a great window into how my mind worked back then, and also brought some strong memories of great weekends with great friends back. You can read the full story here - watch out, though. It’s in reverse-chronological order. Oldest at the bottom. Maybe that’s chronological order. I dunno - it’s 1am… I don’t really care.

I’ve often wondered why I write things down - I mean, it feels narcissistic talking about me all the time. Those of you that saw the previous edition of this blog saw it was a bit… Self centred too. I’ve updated the design and made it less of my face in your space. There’s still some stuff I’m working through, but I’m happy for the most part to share it with the outside world, and I’ve had some positive feedback so far.
It turns out, though, that the only person I’m really writing for is me. I’ve really enjoyed going through some old posts and reliving old experiences tonight. It’s been worth the effort I put in and the few hours it took to look at things and think ‘yeah, that was cool’. I need to do it more - for my own personal development I need to log more of my adventures.

So that’s what I’ll do. I’m heading overseas in 20 days for another long period. I’m gonna take pictures and tell you what it’s like. It doesn’t matter who you are and if you care, because in the end it’s going to be me, and I will care.

Here, have a song. Uhm… I’ve been listening to lots of Paul Simon recently, and this is an utterly fantastic cover of ‘The Boxer’ by one of my faves, Mumford & Sons.