So, I, Um, still have this blog thing kicking around.


I should use it more.

So here I go.

I did this thing today, where I installed Ubuntu on my dear Nexus 7.


Because reasons, okay!? A couple of reasons, really -

I like experimenting. Experimenting with expensive toys is great fun. Warranties are overrated.
I like doing things I shouldn’t do, according to normal conventions of technology use. All the way back to buying linux cds from the internet to play with and Rockbox on ipod classic, to buying extra hard drives to experiment with new linuxes (linuces? What’s plural. Ah, yes, Distributions).
I also want to see if I can do my nerdy nerdy radio things with it - the ultimate TNC in a small, convenient format…
I want to compile aprsmap on it as a starter for 10.

How does it run?

It works alright. Not too bad, not too slow for experimental stuff. I’ll play more as time goes on, but the default keyboard is terrible. Like, real bad. Onboard is pretty flexible though - I’ll look into a new theme to split it and take up more space so my thumbs don’t die or something.
Oh, and Unity is still crap, even on a finger device.

Want KDE so you can be cool like me?

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

works nicely.
Oh, the default username / password is ubuntu / ubuntu on this. Just as a heads up…
I’m installing it now.
I’ve got high hopes for plasma active.

More to come soon in the next exciting installment of “Hibby’s doing silly things to expensive shit!”