Yeah, yeah yeah I’ve been busy.

I’ve been working on lots and I’ve not been blogging. My buddy yakamo tells me I’m bad because I don’t blog enough.

I agree, yeah, but I can’t be bothered detailing everything I do down to an exacting level because I’ve got shit to do.

So you should probably meet my wiki, who lives at - it’s a way to keep myself a bit more organised. At the moment it’s mostly radio and notes to myself.

Fox is actually quite an interesting server - she’s running debian stable, and I’m experimenting with Docker.

I’ve got a container with nginx acting as a proxy and an http server. The container runs as a user, and in that user’s directory I have the config and http folders broken out. This means, as a user, I can edit and change config files locally restart the server to include those changes. It’s really cool. It also means, should I get bored of this particular IP, I can crush it all and pop up an identical configuration elsewhere really quickly using the magic of git for config, content and dockerfiles.

The wiki is also pretty cool. It’s the really groovy [mdwiki]( !, which is just markdown files and a single html file. It pulls in some JS from elsewhere, and if I wanted I could hosts those files locally, but I’m fine with it at the moment. Again, it can live in git and be cloned at a moment’s notice. I run a local copy with python’s simpleHTTPServer for when I’m at my keys or, more commonly grep -R "ax25d" . and just read the markdown file.

Having a wiki detailing your config decisions is great, I need to add to it more. Especially for the BBS project and other stuff.