CampGND Inbound

So, campGND is about to happen and I’m beginning to look forward to it.

Unfortunately for me, Tom’s told me I should have a project - I can’t just turn up and be a gin fuelled rocket for the duration. I mean, that’s going to happen anyway, but whatever, I can be productive too.

Given that my favourite toy is radios and space, I figured I should do spaceradio stuff. I’ve had the half-idea of doing a portable satellite tracking unit for a while. I want to get back into nerdy radio again, and it’s a pretty good way of doing it. Searching, stumbling and coming across things lead me to SatNOGS - A modular, open ground station built around VHF/UHF. The target platform is, of course, rtl-sdr, arduino and, surprisingly, a TP-Link WR703N.

All the structural hardware is 3D printed, and the files are available. The design work, in effect is done - all I’ve got to manage to do is assemble it in my predictably incapable state.

New things

So there are a few things I’ve never touched in the process. First and foremost, 3D printing. This is a something I’ve genuinely got no clue about, so I’m going to have to learn about it quickly. I’ve got printer access, it apparently takes about 8 hours - I just need to perform a thumb-rectal removal manouver and get down to Make Aberdeen and print the stuff off. I’ve never dealt with OpenWRT, which has to go onto the TP-Link. I’ll need to work those out before arriving at the campsite.

Shopping List

I’ll need to get hold of:

If it all works together, it’ll be pretty groovy. If it doesn’t work, the following few weeks will be lots of work working it out!

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