It’s late, invariably I’m awake doing nerd things… Tonight, it’s getting worked up over the fact that I can’t submit to (my new favourite replacement for from Audacious, my media player of choice on this wee machine.

First port of call, checkout the code on git… After poking around, it turns out that I can transform the address that the program ‘scrobbles’ to in one line in the code (src/scrobbler/settings.h for those interested).

Check the api, and it’s feature compatible with the submission protocol. So, let’s flick that address to (wild guess, but logical as the submission url is

Configure that, and it fails as I’m not on Audacious 3.0 (yet…). Scratch that, can’t be bored…


Before I do that, I’m just going to put my details in the… wait? What’s this “Scrobbler URL” option. Try in there. Look on the website… Still no joy. 


Before I do that, I’m just going to take a wee look at the settings page (… What’s this Application Token? It says:

Use this token in place of a password for linking applications designed for

Oh. Let’s just slip that in… apply, ok… Check the website, and the last played track appears. Good times. It works flawlessly with much less work than I thought it would involve.

And, I don’t have to transmit my password over the internet. More plus points for you, Chris at

So, why do I like It makes me happy, I guess. It’s pretty simple, and a bit more ‘social’. And it has this page. And it can live in my browser and submit all that Grooveshark and Youtube browsing I do to my personal charts. And it has cool stats like this. And it exports to and imports my old plays too. I’m not losing anything by playing with it, I guess it’s a just a pretty nice alternative!