Another busy pass, this time with 12 stations heard and placed on the map!

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So, we heard and placed Scotland (MM0XXP), England (G4ILO 2E0JXE G6HMS), Ireland (EI2GNB), The Netherlands (PD2RLD), Germany (DB3LA), France (G6EZP), Italy (IK1COA), Spain (EA1JM), Hungary (HA3HT) and Yugoslavia (YU7RD).

Yugoslavia’s a new one - pretty far away as it goes (2011.06KM to be exact)… The ISS definately does it’s job for long distance communication on low power!

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Just in case you weren’t sure where the countries were!

Messages were sent to/from G6HMS, Ted in Doncaster.

System’s working nicely, and now that 70cm has been properly activated, we can do full duplex communications over satellites such as AO-51!

Enough play, back to the studies!