This was a busier pass, with 14 stations heard…

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From Left to right it reads: Callsign - Type - Mobile/Portable/Fixed - Distance - Latitude - Longitude - Number of Packets Received

Through the International Space Station, I heard Ireland, (EI7IG), England (G0GOO G6WZA), Scotland (MM0YEQ), The Netherlands (PD2RLD), Belgium, (ON6MU), Germany (DB3LA DG1IHH), Spain (EB1BE EA1JM EA2BVD), Italy (IZ1BCJ IK1COA) and Hungary (HA3HT), plotted below for your viewing pleasure.

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Better than last time, but a busier pass also. Highlights include sending and receiving messages from Spain - EA1JM, Francisco Jimenez-Martin Sanchez, which went much like:

MM3ZRZ->EA1JM: Hello from Dave in Scotland! EA1JM->MM3ZRZ: 73 from Spain Dave!

Not much, I know, but it came over 1000 miles, not including the up-down bit to space, and used less power than an energy-saving lightbulb!

That’s enough space for today… back soon!