This pass was relatively noisy, with 10 stations being heard…

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Through the space station, I heard England (G0GOO G6UIM), the Netherlands (PD2RLD), Germany (GF8LS DG4BR DM2KGB), Spain (EA1JM), Italy (IK1COA) and France (F6CDZ F4FEB), Plotted below for your viewing pleasure.

Map Display

Not a bad list, overall, but I reckon we can do better. Below is a map of all the stations in Europe that were heard by the Space Station, and we are one of them (as MM3ZRZ), but there are a lot that seem to be missing from my list above.


image from

And our path to the internet was particularly good…

RS0ISS-4 1 2011-01-06 17:52:15 IO75VU > CM78LQ 5038.7 miles 315°

In english, that’s the Space station, the number of packets it heard, the date and time we were last heard, Where the signal went from and to in Maidenhead Locator format, The distance the signal covered to get there and the angle the final destination is from us. 5000 miles isn’t too bad, eh? I need to find out, though, how the signal got to over the Pacific Ocean…

Any suggestions?