I’ve been excited about this since I saw the first trailer in the cinema.

It’s a nicely put together, Guy Ritchie directed Gangster film, with a few big names in it. The plot and setting feels real complex - every player in the game is trying to outsmart everyone else. Hugh Grant plays a journalist who tries to be top dog in the pile and outsmart everyone else.

As happens in other Ritchie films I’ve seen (Snatch both comes to mind and is a personal favourite), each of the players is introduced, we get to know them and then we see their paths intersect, their intentions slowly get revealed as the film comes towards a crescendo. The narrative is a little different from the others as we’re watching it retrospectively, as told by the film buff narrator Fletcher. He leads us through the story, and it breaks for little back and forths as the film goes on.

The plot is twisty all the way through, and it leaves a satisfied feeling once everything has settled, ending on a particularly amusing note.

Everyone puts in a good round, I think. I didn’t quite click with the actor who plays Mathew American Buyer, Jeremy Strong. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I was satisfied with his ending, however, so maybe it was intentional. It’s nice to see Hugh Grant playing as a character, Fletcher, that isn’t a bumbling idiot in the rain. I think he’s better in Paddington 2, but he plays his script nicely. Charlie Hunnam’s portrayal of Raymond was really good. He’s made for that character, and pulled off the little surprises, patience and twists he shows well. Colin Farrell’s eyebrows are great watching too.

The script is funny, but sometimes relies on edgy, borderline racist/anti semitic humour that’ll get 15 year olds in their bedroom giggling, and uses cunt a lot.

Overall, a good watch, I’m sure I’ll see it again.