This was a pretty enjoyable ride from start to finish.

The film is a Agatha Christie-eqsue whodunnit, with a simple premise. It’s very simply staged, with 3 obvious scenes, the first two playing out in a single location, more or less, and then the final stretching out into the world a little as the noose tightens around everyone’s neck.

The story was nicely written - as the plot advances, everything becomes more convoluted and unclear. Characters lie from the outset, and get ever more caught up in their situations. Daniel Craig speaks in a delightful Southern Drawl for the whole film. It’s intentionally confusing, but I felt sucked in, confused and thrown around, and really very engaged for the duration.

It’s also hilarious - the script is very witty, very dry and it uses humour to expose the characters ignorance, stupidity and desperation in a really neat way.

I really enjoyed this, the twist was good fun and it was great to see Chris Evans being a dick to everyone in scene.